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The Japanese used car which runs in the foreign countries

By the way, it is the situation only as for some people that a high duty is hung on the used car from the foreign country a used car from Japan almost none of by used car 90% who run one phenomenon of the car rapid increase in the Yangon city, though, of changes judging from everyday life this time until several years ago, and only antique = rag rag can own a car as for the car.
However, in the Yangon city, used car suppliers overflow partly because it is said that a duty is strongly held down now, and a used car market was opened. There is an amazing used car store in the town.
Coming to Yangon, and there being much more clean cars than at first it imagined it to admire (image only of faulty maintenance and the rag car which are common among the developing countries). It is natural, too! That the Myanmarese government establishes the rule, the import except the age-type used car within five years is no use.
If the quality of the Japanese car is splendid for a Myanmarese, I seem to be recognized, and the popularity is very high.
Such a super popular car model that one of ten  see above all FIT (in Thailand JAZZ). That it is out of stock in the garage of the used car jobber and is arrival wait state.